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EO3 for Level 1 Landsat, GA Collection 3

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cloud_cover double Cloud cover percentage [0, 100]
creation_time datetime Time when dataset was created (processed)
dataset_maturity string One of - final|interim|nrt (near real time)
dataset_type_id string ID of a dataset type
eo_gsd double Ground Sample distance, meters
eo_sun_azimuth double Sun azimuth angle
eo_sun_elevation double Sun elevation angle
format string File format (GeoTiff, NetCDF)
id string Dataset UUID
indexed_by string User who indexed the dataset
indexed_time string When dataset was indexed
instrument string Instrument name
label string Label
landsat_product_id string Landsat Product ID
landsat_scene_id string Landsat Scene ID
lat double-range Latitude range
lon double-range Longitude range
metadata_doc string Full metadata document
metadata_type string Metadata type name of dataset
metadata_type_id string ID of a metadata type
platform string Platform code
product string Product name
product_family string Product family code
region_code string Spatial reference code from the provider. For Landsat region_code is a scene path row: '{:03d}{:03d}.format(path,row)'. For Sentinel it is MGRS code. In general it is a unique string identifier that datasets covering roughly the same spatial region share.
time datetime-range Acquisition time range
uri string Dataset URI

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